Porch Precedents

Dear Peppe,

Turning to your desire for the glazed porch to use modest panes of glass, I have to say that I was not much impressed by the examples that I found on South Hanover. They are all so thick and heavy that it is almost as if they would rather not be made of glass at all! Certainly, they offer no president that I would be happy to follow. I attach a few examples for your review and, I trust, your corroboration?

So I went looking for something that would take some pleasure in its glazing, and having recognized that most greenhouses would do me no good since they are nothing but glass, I went hunting among the orangeries.

I began to despair until I came across this striking late 18th-century example at Saltram House, Plympton (near Plymouth in Devon), that I liked immediately and thought you should see. Here all the views on it that I could find of it. The natural ventilation it employs is so simple as to be really very clever.

Don’t you think that a scaled-down version of Saltram would meet your needs quite handsomely?

Best wishes,